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Over 90% of property buyers begin their search online. If your property is not marketed well online, you're missing out on connecting with these buyers!

We can help you extend your online reach. Use our trusted network and online marketing expertise to place your property in front of as many prospective buyers as possible.

Our strength is our global network. Simple logic: the bigger your audience, the higher the likelihood of selling your property.

The Process

  1. Complete the questionnaire
  2. Provide us with up to 30 photos and a full property description, including key features.
  3. A designated account manager will work with an experienced local agent to guide you through the process

What is the catch?

No catch. Local agent commission rates apply and we have our own agreements with the agents, so there is no additional cost to you. In other words, it is FREE!

Who Are We?

Castle Gallois Properties is a UK-based property marketing company that brings together buyers and vendors worldwide. We use several different strategies simultaneously, providing the vendor with an extensive digital marketing reach and a significantly broader exposure than could be achieved through advertising with agents alone. More info about us if you think necessary.

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