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Investing in property abroad can be a daunting task, fraught with dangers and pitfalls. Castle Gallois Properties are here to help make the whole process safer and easier. We take the time to personally vet the agents, solicitors and experts we use, so you can relax as we guide you through your purchase.

Our personal service will support you throughout the entire purchase, from finding a property, through to the paperwork and negotiations, right up to completion.

Safely purchase foreign properties

Each property market has its own risks - from unscrupulous agents to legalities and technicalities unique to that market. Castle Gallois Properties are here to help protect you against some of these risks, and to ensure the whole process is quick and efficient.

Whether this is your first foreign purchase and you want expert guidance, or you are a seasoned buyer looking to speed up and streamline your purchase, we can help you.

Every person and company we recommend has been individually vetted by us to ensure that they are not only excellent at their job, but also trustworthy. We look into their local reputation, track record, testimonials from their past clients and verify their qualifications and licences. In addition, we check for any complaints or any outstanding legal actions.

We'll only sign a collaborative agreement with preferred partners that we trust and are confident that they share our values and integrity.

Guiding you through purchasing property abroad

We'll consult with you to discover your requirements, preferences and budget. With our knowledge of each area, we'll be able to give you an idea of what is available within your constraints and help you focus your search.

Once we fully understand what you are looking for in a property, we'll identify suitable properties for you. You'll be able to shortlist properties and we can then introduce you to the agents. We can arrange your viewing trip and plan the itinerary to ensure an efficient visit.

Purchasing a property can be a long-winded process, especially when that property is abroad. We are here each step of the way to speed it up and support you.

When you've found the perfect property, we're here to help you with the negotiations via our trusted solicitors and experts, who we have vetted and who will be able to help you through the purchase itself.

Before you commit to purchasing a property, we'll be able to tell you about any hidden/additional costs, so you aren't hit with any unpleasant surprises. If you need to set up a local bank account, we can help. We can also advise you on the most efficient way to transfer your money.

A personal buying service

Castle Gallois Properties' emphasis is on providing an excellent service, tailored to your specific needs. With our network of preferred partners, we can turn an otherwise risky and slow process into the exciting and secure investment that it should be.

If you'd like to see how we can help you find your dream property, then get in touch.


Here are some of the accreditations that our partners hold.

AIPP Member

AIPP Member

British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce Member

British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce Member

Portuguese Association of Estate Agents Member

Portuguese Association of Estate Agents Member

Casa Net MLS Certified

Casa Net MLS Certified

Council of Residential Specialists

Council of Residential Specialists

Rightmove Regional Partner

Rightmove Regional Partner

Use award winning companies

We only pick the best when it comes to our preferred partners, take a look at the awards they’ve been winning.

Multiple International Property Awards

Multiple International Property Awards

Rightmove Regional Partner

Rightmove Regional Partner

A trusted network

Our network is fluent in over 15 languages and have featured on primetime property programmes such as “A Place in the Sun”.

A Place In The Sun

How we can help

Identifying properties

Handling enquiries

Arranging viewings

Vetting agents and consultants

Immigration (Golden Visa, EB-5) advice

Tax guidance

Arranging banking

Assist with negotiations

Arrange mortgages

Legal advice

Identify all additional costs

Providing translations

View a short presentation

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